How about the symptoms of IC? It is highly individual: while some patients report of one group of symptoms, others have a completely different picture. Overall, the common signs of Interstitial Cystitis are: drop in a bladder capacity, desire to urinate too often without a good reason like big water intakes, sleepless nights (like a desire to urinate does not leave even at night), feeling of being pressed, severe ache and sensitivity of the bladder.

Every person should consider the risk factors to understand why IC may take place. First of all, it is important to mind gender. The second risk factor is skin/hair color. You may be surprised, but it seems like ginger people are attacked by the disease more often than other representatives of the population. The third risk factor is the age. People above 30 experience Interstitial Cystitis most of all. Finally, a chronic pain disorder might be the clue. For instance, a risk factor might be fibromyalgia.