A severe pain in the head. Many of the symptoms of hypertension could easily be attributed to other causes, which can lead to people not realizing that the different issues they are suffering from are actually caused by this condition. It is necessary to check one’s blood pressure on a regular basis to avoid this. Without such checks, a person may misdiagnose their condition, as many of the symptoms of hypertension are actually common to a host of other ailments as well. One of these symptoms is a headache. While a large number of conditions could cause headaches, it is undoubtedly true that hypertension certainly does.

Breathlessness. Breathlessness is another misleading characteristic of hypertension, as just about anyone who is out of shape may go out of breath while climbing stairs, for example. Nevertheless, if you experience breathlessness at regular intervals whenever you try something reasonably energetic, you should visit your physician, as this a classic symptom of hypertension.