No desire to eat, no matter what kind of food is offered. People who lose appetite without any good reason should panic as it’s not healthy. You should know your daily norm of calories and ingredients your body needs like fat or protein. Because of the swelling, bloating, pain in abdomen, and nausea, people are afraid to have their meals. They believe they will return them anyway. Psychological and physiological causes unite to prevent the patient from eating.

The patients with gastritis always have problems with frequency and volume of stool. It can be either diarrhea or constipation. The patients go mad as these two conditions change; they are both unpleasant and disturbing. Moreover, the color of the stool also matters: the faeces turn black with time, as well as gritty in shape. It means nothing else but digestive tract bleeding, which is an alarming sign. A medical consultation is required immediately.