Jungle fever or calenture – call it whatever you like. Just make sure you know how to define its symptoms before starting the treatment. It is possible to find out whether you are suffering from the dengue in the two first weeks. It is a so-called incubation period. It may happen after the dangerous mosquito carrying the corresponding virus bites a victim. The infected person may not pass this disease to other people. Mind that if you notice pain in the muscles, bones, or joints, it might be the first alarming sign.

dengue fever1

As it was previously discussed, there is no need to fear the dengue as the infected individual cannot share this disease with anyone else just by contacting the person. Only a mosquito may carry this virus a both holder and contagious source. There are no other known vectors of the disease. As a rule, the dengue fever is passed to the human once the nasty insect has its ‘bloody meal.’