Regular, unstoppable fevers. As far as many diseases have fevers among the main symptoms, it is not that easy to define why the patient is suffering. What is the source of any fever? Right, the attempt of the human organism to resist the external threats like infections. If the fever takes place in the patient’s body, it is a good sign that your organism is fighting. However, if we speak about Crohn’s disease, a restive immune system assaults the digestive tract. It all results in the injury of tissues.

crohn disease symptoms2

No desire to eat is one more common symptom. The patient loses interest even to his favorite meals. The majority of inflammatory bowel diseases have this symptom on the list. A certain degree psychosomatic, this problem may be solved at the mental/emotional level. Physically, the loss of appetite is the logical outcome of growing pain in the stomach, intensive diarrhea, and bowel issues.