Tumefaction is another common symptom of the pink eye. Because the conjunctiva gets swollen, an inflammation takes place. It can be noticed inside of the eyelids as well as membrane surrounding the white area of this organ. The tumor of this type won’t be seen with the naked eye – a patient can only feel it. A regular activity like blinking becomes a challenge when such swelling occurs. Except for the feeling of having tired eyes and poor vision, the person believes there is a foreign body in the eye, causing such discomfort.

Are your eyes feeling itchy? If no sand or other foreign bodies are discovered, it may a sign of conjunctivitis. Not every patient feels this discomfort in the same way. It all depends on the peculiarities of the organism. Scratching the damaged area does not help – the pruritus remains. Most of the patients understand it, but they just can’t persist the itchy feeling.