Just like many other viruses, this one causes a depletion and quick tiredness. The child starts feeling overloaded and wanting to sleep all day long. The patient is uncomfortable with the environment around; he is annoyed. This problem is followed by the itchy feelings, pain, fever, and other symptoms. It all reminds of the bad flu, but there is still a difference. The organism is trying to resist the chicken pox, so this process leads to certain discomfort.

chickenpox symptoms2

Pain in the stomach is a regular symptom of chicken pox. Stomach ache disturbs many kids, but this one has a tummy nature. Before the first signs of rash appear, little patients can also notice nausea among the symptoms. There is no need to worry: usually, it’s a good sign meaning that the organism tries to resist the disease. The reaction of the child’s immune system leads to stomach discomfort.