People with the twitching eye also suffer from the regular allergies. There are a lot of allergens which can irritate our eyes. That is why the organ of vision turns extra dry and itchy. Sometimes, vice versa, it seems full of water. The most common factors are seasonal allergies, especially those faced in spring and summer, and year-round allergies. People start scratching the eyes making the situation worse.

Nutrition and bad habits are the last two factors to name when recalling eye twitching. A person with such problem most probably needs more magnesium. In such case, it is better to come up with the corresponding diet. As for the bad habits such as smoking and drinking, one should know that tobacco and alcohol are extremely harmful to the eyes. Caffeinated proiducts can also cause regular eye twitching. These goods release such elements as noradrenaline and serotonin. These components may summon eye spasms when motivating nerves. A clean water without gas may improve the situation.