If you notice that it becomes hard to recover from various traumas and even elementary injuries, you should know it might be the first warning symptom of rheumatoid arthritis. As an example, pretend one is having a fresh sprain. It can be any area of the lower or upper extremities, legs and hands. It could be an ankle. In case this routine trauma hurts too much and does not look like curing, it may be the symptom of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Adolescents and children face this problem more often than grown-ups.

rheumatoid arthritis

Did you notice your upper extremities, arms, getting numb too often? Are there any obvious reasons? Any cramps or numbness in the hands refers to the so-called carpal tunnel syndrome. As you might know, there is a certain group of nerves connected to the arm. They go all through it. When the tumor presses these nerves, this numbness appears. The condition becomes sharper and more extreme during the night time. In order not to confuse this issue with the carpal tunnel syndrome, pay attention to other categories of signs.