Feeling like you’re losing an appetite? Got no interest in food? Well, it is not that you have lost your taste – instead, it may be associated with the gastrointestinal implications of the discussed problem. Having no wish to take meals is determined by the absence of healthy appetite. Patients stop feeling they’re hungry when they really are. Some people start eating just once per day, having no desire to do it three or more times. The portions also turn small.

The doctors have noticed that many people who suffer from the stomach cancer experience severe heartburn. In fact, the United States cannot ignore the problem of acid reflux any longer. The issue becomes widespread due to the love of the local population to fast food and beverages with the extreme volume of sugar. Spicy and fried meals often lead to the heartburn and many other problems with stomach. By taking the counter medications properly and consulting your doctor, you can easily overcome the situation. Don’t let it progress to the phase of stomach cancer.