Weight loss. In those cases when your mesothelioma is at its highest stage of development, you will start losing your weight. The food and minerals you receive go on cancer cells building, and your organism just does not receive enough. This is the moment when your weight starts to melt.

Bouts of diarrhea. There is a wide list of sicknesses that go along with diarrhea and various stomach diseases. And mesothelioma is on the list too. Of course, lungs and stomach are not connected in your mind, but they are. It is very hard to find out that your diarrhea is caused by mesothelioma as it is very wide spread symptom. But in a group with other mesothelioma symptoms, it will just lead your doctor to the correct diagnosis. If you noticed any other symptoms of mesothelioma and diarrhea, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.