ADHD patients are constantly late. It is a big problem when they study at school or go to work. Because of this problem, ADHD people often receive low grades and/or get fired. They may be late even for the most important events in their lives such as a wedding, child birth, and so on, which may lead to the worsening relationships with spouses, friends, and relatives. They do it unintentionally, being unable to estimate the time required for certain activities.

adhd symptoms6

Another commonly noticed factor is the emotional outbursts. ADHD individuals may be rather calm and shy, but it may change all of a sudden. Their mood is changing all the time, from cry to laugh, and vice versa. They cannot manage their emotions and feelings. They are also very sensitive to any changes. Usually, these people cannot even memorize what exactly used to upset them. Emotional turmoil is a consequence which the surrounding society experiences because of the ADHD emotional instability.