Superfluous salivation is not an enjoyable picture. Physicians who deal with acid reflux often call this phenomenon a water brash too. The excessive production of saliva is how our organism gets ready to get rid of some trash stuck in the esophagus. Watering is also the sign of upcoming vomiting. Acid reflux can be defined as a trigger for excessive salivation to achieve an acid balance. This sign is often noticed in people with a vitamin B deficit. All of these factors are important to analyze when trying to diagnose the illness correctly.

Suffering from the movements of the dark bowel? The black-colored stool is a phenomenon which is the result of the bleeding in the intestines. The blood in the mix paints the stool in dark brown or even black. In fact, many factors could cause dark bowel movements, but the majority of them are rather bad symptoms. We recommend consulting your physician immediately to avoid adverse consequences. In the case of the acid flux, this sign is just the result of serious cramping and straining.