There are many signs that help to identify this health condition. Doctors believe that blood examination is the best and most accurate approach to defining Scurvy. While you attend your doctor, he or she will take a blood sample from the vein. It is necessary to find out your level of the corresponding vitamin. It is also called an ascorbic acid, by the way. They sell special candies aimed to reduce the problem of the lack of vitamin C both white and red blood cells are analyzed to make a conclusion. The second ones may even tell whether the person suffers from anemia.

The first thing to mention about the risk factors is the fact people cannot synthesize the required vitamin. The ascorbic acid is gathered from several outside sources. Those are certain fruits and vegetables. You may also try fortified meals if you lack vitamin C. Several reasons explain why some people keep losing vitamin C in large amounts. That is a badly planned diet. For instance, a person focuses on consuming protein-rich products only, forgetting to include vitamin C-based goods on the daily list.

Countries with low income have higher rates of Scurvy. The deficit is present in people with anorexia. Different mental health problems can also reduce the number of vitamin C in the body. Other risk factors contain aging, allergies, alcohol abuse, and suspicious drugs. The infants who were not fed properly may face the problem as well.