As the illness progresses, new symptoms may show up while the initial signs progress. As long as you don’t do anything, toxic acids may penetrate the body. They develop in urine and blood. The patients report of the weird odor reminding of the fruits, nausea, bloating, desire to vomit, running out of breath, overall body weakness, aches in the stomach and abdomen, and even cases of coma.

You may wonder what exactly leads to this health condition. The primary reason is the diabetes mellitus; if you don’t have one, you won’t most probably face hyperglycemia. There are acute and chronic forms. The second one is related to diabetes. In most cases, chronic form takes place. Healthcare professionals also name the third type which is an intermittent hyperglycemia. It can be experienced at the pre-diabetic stages. If hyperglycemia appears before diabetes, the person is most likely to face the second trouble as well.

Not only high levels of sugar in the blood may result into hyperglycemia. It’s about critical types of illnesses such as serious problems with heart because of the survived stressful situations. Some people cannot withstand the amount of stress on their shoulder. It may be caused by the work overload or studies; some patients get sick if they face a life-dangerous situation. Any great shock may provoke hyperglycemia as well as further diabetes progress. Watch out if you know what stroke or myocardial infarction is based on personal experience. When combined, these factors may end up fatally; instead of diabetes, the person may die from the stress-induced hyperglycemia.