Cardiomyopathy Symptoms, Causes and Types

Persons also complain of feeling irritated, dizzy, and fainting suddenly in the middle of the stress. Heart murmurs and discomfort follows after each physical activity, even a medium one.

The factors that lead to this disease can be classified into several categories. The American Heart Association (AHA) has surveyed many patients and conducted numerous research studies before figuring out what exactly causes cardiomyopathy. The organization found out that there are two groups of causing factors: primary and secondary. Those factors can also be extrinsic and intrinsic. The family members and professionals have to be aware of all causes.

The types of cardiomyopathy matter when prescribing a treatment. The most popular one is the hypertrophic type which can be noticed in patients of different age groups. The process looks this way: the main muscle gets bigger and thicker in a short period. There is no good reason for that. At this moment, the chambers located down and septum get thick altogether. These fields develop blockages/obstacles in the lower chambers of the heart. As a result, the human heart finds it difficult to go on pumping blood.