When dry eye syndrome takes place, it is necessary to turn to the doctor so that doctor can prescribe the necessary medication and treatment. It is possible to treat chronic diseases like that and even sharpen vision. It is necessary to know the cause of this problem. An underlying condition and external factors may lead to issues with eyes. Windy weather, contact lens, LASIK surgery, allergies, aging, lack of eye blinking, and other factors may result in this syndrome.

One must be aware that medications can lead to the dry eye syndrome. Sometimes, it is enough to change medications to make your organs of vision feel better. Prescription drugs are one of the most common recommendations that patient with dry eye syndrome may hear from their doctor. They are taken orally or as drops. The main idea is to minimize inflammation. Tears need some oil to evaporate slowly. Antibiotics of the certain type may stimulate oil production in the glands.

Your doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory antibiotics if your eyes swollen. Eye inserts are for more severe conditions. In case ordinary OTC tears drops do not have any effect, your doctor may apply serious measures like injections. They may prescribe clear tubes of medication that come along as grains and are placed into your eyes like contact lens. It is easy to put on the inserts if you have experience with contacts. Place them between the eyeballs and lower eyelids.