Tiredness. If a person gets tired very often, it can be another symptom of lupus in first stages. Nevertheless, chronic fatigue does not mean that one is sick with lupus. Many other reasons are possible. About 90% sick with lupus people feel extremely tired all the time. They need to make short rests during a working day to feel more energetic. After those nods, however, people can gain problems with night sleep.

Pain in joint and muscles. The widespread symptom of the disease is joint and muscles misery. In other words, they experience musculoskeletal discomfort (in a not stable way). According to the research, more than 60 per cent of lupus sick people notices muscle ache in early stages of lupus. It is not obvious at the beginning, but patients complain of knees pain when bending down, weak grip strength and whole sensitivity level to movements.

Hair fallback. It must be said that this symptom can be related to any kind of health problems, but it also relates to lupus. Firstly, the hair becomes thin and gains unhealthy looking, and then it begins to fall out. This happens due to overall skin inflammation. Therefore, hair follicles stop producing hair for illness reasons.