In case you have troubles with the functionality of your immune system, you must be especially careful. These problems are often the genetic defects that parents or other family members may share with the child. People with region q25 on chromosome 6 have higher risks. It is better to keep away from the animals who may carry the harmful bacillus those are mostly African and Asian mammals. Put on gloves while contacting such species of animals.

Several known ways to diagnose leprosy properly exist. The physician will need to take several physical tests trying to detect the hidden symptoms ASAP. Be ready to give away a tiny sample of skin. Wait for the lab results and conclusion. A lepromin exam is another popular method to identify this disease. This is a bit riskier as the procedure requires injecting some number of leprosy-causing bacteria into the body. This examination usually takes place in the region of upper limbs. If you get irritated at the injection site, it might be the clue.

You may ask, β€œIs there a way to avoid facing leprosy?” It is simple: stay away from the dangerous regions, avoid contacting the mammals listed above, do not contact the infected people – any secretions may create certain threats. It is important to take care of the persons with this diagnosis by providing them with the necessary antibiotics capable of treating this rare health condition. Those who share the same premise with the infected humans or animals have 8 times higher chances to catch the same bacteria. The disease is not hereditary, but the genes still matter, especially when it comes to the work of the immune system.