The above-mentioned indications don`t imply heart failure, however they signal that it`s important to consult a doctor. Besides physical examination of the patient, echocardiogram must also be carried out. If the echo determines a low blood percentage, which leaves the heart during the left ventricle contracts, it indicates that the muscle is hurt. Other troubling indications, signifying heart failure, are: the swelling of the organ and heart valve malfunction.

The following stage in detecting the heart failure is searching biomarkers in blood (B-type natriuretic peptide). It frees during the stress. After the preliminary identification of the disorder is proved, additional examining may be necessary for determining the reasons of health problems and the most appropriate cure. It`s a very meaningful step, because the primary doctor`s assumptions may turn out wrong.

People with this problem often combine several treatments. But sometimes medicaments can interact dangerously, which can aggravate heart failure indications. Not to worry about the consequences, make certain your doctor knows about every pill you take. Pay special attention to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These are painkillers, which can provoke heart failure getting worse. They make the organism hold liquid and sodium.

Heartburn and cold remedies preparations. Such treatments include much sodium, which causes liquid glut. Herbal remedies having St. John’s wort grass, ginseng, ephedra, black cohosh, hawthorn and green tea. All the above-mentioned components may react with some kinds of heart medicine, which can aggravate your condition. So be very attentive and don`t experiment with your health.