Organic hair-growth supplements, which make the curls grow better. Some of them include a marine complex. It has vitamins, minerals, mollusk and shark powder. The above-said constituents renew cells and bolster the existing ones. Take the capsules two times a day for at least half a year to get the outcomes you need.

Coconut oil. It has fatty acids, which seeps into the hair shaft and lower the hair’s protein loss. The remedy is usually applied earlier than the hair wash or afterwards. It is contingent upon your hair type. For oily hair do the procedure for the night or some hours before you wash it. Rub the coconut oil into your locks. If you have a dry type of hair, apply the mentioned cure too. It was proved, that it improves health, makes the curls shine. Besides, people have known it for centuries.

Aloe vera is a proved anti-hair loss product. It relieves the redness and swelling on the skin and moistures the hair. Aloe vera rids of scurf and clears hair follicles, which the glut of oil may block. Spread pure aloe vera on your locks and skin of head several times a week. Also purchase the shampoo and conditioner, consisting of this component.
Massage. Kneading the skin of head contributes to the hair growth and can be applied simultaneously with masks and oils. It stimulates the skin of head and makes the curls thicker. Daily kneading the skin of head relieves stress and tension. The stretching forces during the massage make the locks grow better. The treatment also makes hair be thick in the dermal papilla cells.

The therapy may last a couple of months. If the hair loss was caused by stresses or some emotional problems, then try to be optimistic and lead a vigorous lifestyle to combine your hair therapy project. Consult a specialist as for the procedures and medicine in case the considered natural methods prove inefficient for you.