If you don’t lose consciousness because of onion’s smell, you may get surprised how efficient its juice is. It’s a reliable treatment of patchy alopecia as the remedy really helps the hair to grow better. It also normalizes the circulation. Various experiments confirm the increasing of keratin and blood flow to the hair. You can press the juice out of several onions. Apply the liquid on your curls and skin and let it be there for at least fifteen minutes. Then shampoo your hair as usual.

Taking supplements with ginseng activates hair growth by affecting the follicles. Ginsenosides are the functioning elements of ginseng, that have their positive influence upon hair. Consume the supplements according to the instruction and test whether you’ve got any aftereffect.

Fish oil. The consumption of omega fatty acids makes your locks healthy from within, as they are filled with nutrients and proteins. Consuming antioxidants and omega supplement increases the density of hair and its thickness. You won’t lose hair anymore. Omega fatty acids make your cells function right and support the immunity, which betters the 
whole body health. Adhere to the producer’s guidance.