Many people want to improve their hair, as they are not satisfied with it. If you lose your hair or you plan to make its condition better – try this natural medicine. Lemon oil or lemon juice improves the quality of hair and guarantees its fast growth. The oil can save your skin and make the locks grow. Put fresh lemon juice on your head fifteen minutes before you use a shampoo. Lemon essential oil is also consumed, mixed with a carrier oil. In this case it’s a hair mask.

Geranium oil hastens hair growth and corrects blood circulation. Add a couple of drops into carrier oil and make a hair mask out of it. Some blobs can also be added into your conditioner and shampoo. Geranium oil moistens, restores and repairs curls.
Rosemary is a very favoured essential oil people select to activate hair growth and lessen its loss.

Rosemary oil encourages the hair growth and can be consumed to get rid of androgenetic alopecia. Put some drops of this oil into carrier oil. Massage the mixture into your locks. Then wash it with water. Duplicate the procedure several times a week. Put some blobs of rosemary oil into your hair cosmetics every day. Don’t put essential oils on your skin. Use them in the shampoo or carrier oil.