Exhaustion. A feeling of extreme tiredness may be one of the less obvious symptoms of an infection of the bladder. This is important to know because, while some of the more known symptoms are pain while urinating and discolored urine, these symptoms may not always be present. It has been observed that sometimes when an older woman suffers a bladder infection, the only symptom she experiences is exhaustion. As exhaustion is a symptom of a large number of ailments, this can make diagnosing a bladder infection quite difficult in some cases.

A recurrent urge to urinate. An aberration in the pattern of passing urine is usually the first sign of a bladder infection. If one finds that one feels the urge to urinate far more often than one is used to, this could certainly indicate a bladder infection. Also, someone suffering from a bladder infection will feel a sort of burning discomfort in the process of passing urine.

Running a temperature. When you suffer from a bladder infection, your body’s immune system will begin to respond. As the infection progresses, this response will become more intense, sending your entire physiology into a heightened state of function. This will cause you to run a fever. It goes without saying that if you find yourself running a slight temperature, seemingly without reason, you should suspect that you are suffering from an infection. If the other symptoms that you observe correlate with a bladder infection, the diagnosis then becomes certain.