Concerning dehydration, it is, perhaps, the main cause of diarrhea in many cases. When the body lacks sufficient amount of water, it cannot function properly. When the person experiences a liquid stool, he or she loses a lot of water. The lack of water may result in other severe diseases and disorders. If you feel exhausted, sleepy, dizzy, and thirsty, mind that it might be the symptoms of dehydration and further diarrhea. Also, pay attention to such signs as dry mucous membranes or rapid heart rate.

causes and common of diarrhea3

Kids and newborn babies suffer from this disorder as well. Most of the time, the problem leads to the lack of water. It is better not to postpone the visit to the doctor as the child may keep on suffering. If the parents notice their child is too thirsty all the time, misses tears when crying, has dry skin, gets annoyed easily, wants to have a rest all day long, has a stable fever, or unhealthy stools, call your health care provider.