Nausea and experiencing a feeling being sick to the stomach is yet another symptom that you may have with a concussion. While the nausea or sick feeling might be caused primarily from the pain associated with the cause of the concussion, it is also believed that it can be caused by the chemical imbalance within the brain that is often caused with any type of trauma. In many cases, these two symptoms arrive together. The overall feeling of being sick does not leave for a while.

People lose their ability to find the way under the influence of concussion. Such feeling of being lost and helpless is known as a concussion. It is a partner of confusion. In case of the injured head or a rough shake, it will be supported by the shock. Each time the brain faces a serious damage, a person may need several days to recover. It includes not only the physical but the mental condition as well. It is just a normal reaction of the organism to traumas.