10 Most Common Symptoms of Concussion

The first popular sign of a concussion is a headache. It feels like a headache in consequence of a head injury. The level of pain may change: from the mildest to the severest. It is an alarming sign of many health conditions, so it is important not to confuse them.

A headache is usually harsh when it is a concussion. Throbbing ache and pressure simply drive the patients mad. Not just a single field of the head feels that – looks like the symptom covers the entire part of the body. Moreover, the pain may move down to the neck and upper extremities. No matter what the cause of the injury was, it is necessary to get medical aid.

The patients with concussion experience problems with thinking and ability to memorize things. It is the brightest notification a person might be having a concussion. Forgetting things is typical for many aged people, but those who suffer from concussion face it without any obvious reasons, and it happens more often.

Retrograde amnesia has almost the same symptoms, so even healthcare professionals may confuse these two disorders. Most often, only the memories a person had before the trauma are erased. In other cases, it is vice versa. The person also may lose coordination and balance. Confusion is another typical sign of a concussion. It results in repeating the same things over and over again.