Ever suffered from the pain in your chest? People tend to confuse the acid reflux symptoms with the heart attack as both phenomena have chest pain as one of the signs. In addition, when the person faces tightening of the chest and feels unable to breathe freely, the pain reminds of the typical heart attack. When you have a chest pain caused by the acid reflux, it lasts for a while, being more intense. If you breathe deeply, you might feel the pain is intensifying. At the same time, the cardiac pain stays on the same level.

Pain swallowing is another symptom to pay attention to. It is rather rare, but it makes many people shake in their boots. A lot of dangerous diseases may lead to a sore throat; in contrast, sometimes a sore throat may be a sign of the common flu. Allergies and intensive singing/screaming may cause pain swallowing as well. Before calling a sore throat a symptom of the acid reflux, the patient should make sure he is not confusing the problem with something really serious. Check whether you have body ache or a runny nose – those are the specific features of cold or flu. If there are no signs like that, you may suspect having an acid reflux.